Ireland 9. August 2010

Today we went to Curracloe, to Toddy Lambe and his family. They live in beautiful surroundings in the south east of Ireland. Unfortunately the British Kennel Club work just as slow as the Norwegian Kennel Klub, so therefore the registration number for Craig isn’t ready yet, but the hispcore will be done soon. I will not bring you film and photos of Craig in this round, not until one of our females are mated.

We went up early in the morning. There’s luxury at this hotel, and we got breakfast at the room 5:30.

We had a nice morning at Toddy’s place, talking about dogs, breeding etc. And bringing Craig to the vet.

On our way home we drove all the way up the east coast, beautiful landscape, and look at this house we found at the crossroad.

I belive most Norwegians would not think of Ireland as a place with sand beaches and plams, but there is 😉

And many people were out fishing 😉

About Hege at My Trusted Friend Kennel

I live in Norway which is situated in the north of Europe. I train my border collies in agility and herding. I also breed my border collies

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  1. blackwatertown

    Lovely pictures of Ireland.

  2. Hei.
    En stund siden jeg har sjekka bloggen din nå og dere er på ferie ser jeg. Utrolig flotte bilder. Nå skal jeg fortsette å lese det jeg ikke har fått med meg. Værdens vakkreste border collie hilser til bestemor og bestefar. Fortsatt god ferie.

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