Blog 3. October 2010

English: Zac is the farther to our upcomeing litter with Babe, and as I promised I would bring you a film of Zac herding. I found a film at my old computer from 2009 😉 I have a film at my new computer too, I will upload that one later.

And because nobody has seen Babe at sheep I decided to bring her to the sheep few days ago. Babe is not trained and she has hardly ever seen the sheep apart from a few times when she was young. Whow what a natural talent this girl is, she just did it and everything was there … (but we had to be careful as she is six week pregnant).



About Hege at My Trusted Friend Kennel

I live in Norway which is situated in the north of Europe. I train my border collies in agility and herding. I also breed my border collies

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  1. Artig å se film fra geting

  2. Hahaha, det ser veldig gøy ut men jeg tror det blir for mye for meg å holde styr på. Snuppa lærer fort men det tar litt lenger tid for meg vil jeg tro.

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