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29. January 2011

Meet Björk, a daughter of Astra Babe by Zac, owned by Rolf Moseid.

Meet Blaze and Blu from our last litter out of Astra Babe x Zac. Link to their blog/page:




New film of Brona out of Astra Babe by Zac, owned by Viktoria Lumbe in Estonia, doing puppy agility, they are a great team 😉

Me and Asterix, the very first beginning of his career at sheep.



Asterix (Sky x Teg), his first time at sheep, not completely keen yet, but he’s coming with age I think.



Asterix 9,5 months, he is a pretty boy out of our Sky and Teg.




Lyn (Sky x Blu Borders Queenie) eager to work the sheep too 😉




Blog 22. January 2011


Astra Rikky was mated to Canan Kane the 21. January 2011. More information will follow.

Blog 21. January 2011

Astra Rikky will try to bring us some more puppies. She will be mated today. We let Kane try yesterday, but nothing happen. We are prepared for the fact that Rikky is a “complicated” girl to mate, and that this could be a tough first mating for Kane. Sky is the alternative, because I will try to bring in the good off button and the power which also Sky has. This is a film from our last litter, and Rikky is the girl that are out with the puppies.

This is Brona from our last litter out of Astra Babe and Zac. She lives by Viktoria Lumbe in Estonia, and Brona has started with some puppy-agility.

This is a short film of our Canen Curly. On this film she’s not trained at sheep, but we had a chance to try her at sheep, just to see what she were doing. She is a litle pushy etc., but seem to be ready for some more training.

Blog 16. January 2011

Okay, I’m lost, finally I’m at Facebook, but don’t ask me what do do there 😉

Canen Curly

Canen Kane, Lyn og Pride.
Yes, this is how it is, the whole gang in the sofa 😉

Hey ! Don’t tell it to any, but this girl is privileged 😉


Meg, owned by Jan Kvisgaard.
And, finally one more picture of Meg (Zussi x Rick).