Monthly Archives: September 2015

Long time since last blog

I am not very good at updating this page. 

Many new things happen all the time. 

Dreamwork Sammie got her free on  hips and elbows. 

The red merle pup at the pictures is Trust. Trust is a merle not going back to Sadghyl Pip. Trust got his merle color from another line. Trust was born in England, and came to Norway in August. Trudt is dual registrated in both FCI and ISDS. 

We are trainig a litle agility, and are planning to compete with some of our dogs. 

My Trusted Friend Gucci (Chocco x Liz) did her herding trail class 1, with good result. That’s the brown girl at the picture. 

We are planning to breed Astra Babe and Wilma this winter. More information will come. 


Dreamwork Sammie


Yola Gulden Land


My Trusted Friend Gucci


Canen Kane and Dreamwork Sammie


My camper and the dogs


Trust The Friend Of Norway






Sammie Yola Vici Braith