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Termin Astra Babe

Astra Babe is getting bigger. Today is 14 days till her termin. Her termin is the 3th December. 

There must be more then four puppies, because I think she’s big now. 


Astra Babe pregnant


Astra Babe pregnant


Babe is pregnant

I had Astra Babe to the vet few days ago, checking if she is pregnant. She got at least four puppies but I think we did not se them all at ultrascann, so hopefully she got six or more pups.

Here are a few pictures of Bwlch Taff relaxing, he is the father to Babes’ litter.

Bwlch Taff was born at Bodfari in Wales, bred by a well known breeder and handler H. Glyn Jones. Bwlch Taff was sold to his first owner Michael Davidson that trained and trailed him. Bwlch Taff won a few nursery trails in United Kingdom before he went to Sweden. Bwlch Taff was sold to a farmer in Sweden, as a fully trained sheepdog and he has his daily work at the farm.

Bwlch Taff was DNA tested lately, and the results was: 

CEA/CH Carrier.
TNS Normal.
CL Normal.
IGS Normal.

(Astra Babe, the mother, is by the way DNA Normal for CEA/CH).

Astra Babe x Bwlch Taff

Bwlch Taff


Bwlch Taff

Bwlch Taff