Monthly Archives: December 2015

Puppies 4 weeks

Tomorrow our puppies turn 4 weeks.

Two boys availabe, one tricolor and one black/white.

Here are some pictures.


Tricolor male



Black and white male


Blue merle female


Blue merle female


Black and white female


Blue merle female



Yola develope nicely in her herding progress.



Puppies born

The puppies out of Astra Babe sired by Bwlch Taff was born the 3rd December 2015.

4 girls (1 tricolor and 3 blue merles) and 2 boys (1 tricolor and 1 black/white).

The puppies look strong and healthy, and mum is doing well.

Mum and the pupies

Mum and her pups

Black white male 1

Male 1

Tricolor male 2

Male 2

Blue merle tan female 1

Female 1

Black white tan female 2

Female 2

Blue merle female 3

Female 3

Blue merle female 4 1

Female 4

Astra Babe the mother

Astra Babe the mother

Bwlch Taff the father

Bwlch Taff the father