Chi puppies 1,5 week

Our puppies out of Trusted Friend Chi sired by Bwlch Taff was born the 28th June. We got 3 puppies, 1 girl and 2 boys. 

Here are some pictures of the three. 


About Hege at My Trusted Friend Kennel

I live in Norway which is situated in the north of Europe. I train my border collies in agility and herding. I also breed my border collies

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  1. Ah so cute! I’m on vacation in norway, how much is the male puppie for?

  2. Hi Eva, do I know you ? I can not se any profile from you, all I se is your first name. I hope you know that we do not practise that people can pass our door and buy a puppy. I want to have a previous conversation with puppy buyers first, to make sure that this is the right breed for them etc.

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