Babe – not for breeding


Astra Babe

ISDS reg. 298964

Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI reg.) ISDS00/298964

Astra Babe. Astra Babe (Aled Owens BOB x Astra Rouge)

3. March 2008 10. July 2020

Hipscore A

DNA Normal for CEA, TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1.

Eyetest: Clear by examination 21. March 2016.

Pedigree: Astra Babe 298964

Colour: Blue merle (she carry the brown gene and tan)

Astra Babe (Aled Owens BOB x Astra Rouge). Astra Babe (Aled Owens BOB x Astra Rouge).

Babe had five litter og puppes and she is an excellent breeding bitch. Her offspring are healthy and got great potential in all kind of dog-activities. Babe is well bred from true herding lines, among all her father is Aled Owens world champion BOB. Offspring from Babe compete in all kind of spheres at highest level.

Export pedigree Astra Babe

Export pedigree Astra Babe


Picture of her pedigree (in case you can not open the pedigree link above):

Pedigree Astra Babe

Here you can also se her outrun, but the main part of the training was to teach her to drive.

A short film from some training winter 2014.

A litle more from herding.

This film was after surgery in her leg.

Babe is not trained for sheepwork while taking this film.

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