Yola x Kane pups born

The puppies out of Yola sired by Kane are born.

7 puppies (3 girls and 4 boys). All well with the puppies and the mother.

Male puppy, his colour is black, and he carry the brown gene.

Female puppy, her colour is Seal (she carry brown and sable).

Male puppy, his colour is brown.

Female puppy, her colour is brown, and she is also Seal

Female puppy, her colour is brown.

Male puppy, his colour is brown

Male puppy, his colour is brown.

Yola Gulden Land x Canen Kane


Upcoming litter – Yola x Kane

Yola Gulden Land” is pregnant. She was mated to our male “Canen Kane“.

Today she is 5 weeks pregant, and there are 4 more weeks to go.

Her termin is the 6th September 2018.

Yola and Kane have their own page here at this homepage !

Gift x Theo puppies 6 weeks.

Our puppies has passed 4 weeks of age

Puppies out of Gift sired by Theo – 4 weeks.

Gift x Theo puppies

Our puppies are now 12 days, here are some new pictures.

Puppies born today

Today our puppies out of Gift sired by Theo were born.

5 puppies were born (2 girls and 3 boys).

1 black/white female.

1 black sable female.

1 brown/white male.

2 brown sable males.

Gift x Theo

Gift is pregnant, that’s for sure 😍 We took x-ray of her and stated that we are expecting a small litter of maybe three or four puppies.

Her termin is the 17th of May 2018.

(* Photo taken yesterday, she’s a lite plump as you can se *).

Pups out of Vici sired by Trust

Our puppies are now 7 weeks. Here are some new photos. All pups are spoken for.

Planned litter spring 2018

Gift was mated to Theo the 15th March 2018.

Puppies born 10. Mars

Our expected litter of puppies are born.

The mother is Vici and the father is Trust.

7 male pups in various colours.

2 brown, 2 black, 2 merles, 1 sable.