Previous litter

P R E V I O U S   L I T T E R

Teg x Astra Mick 2005.

Astra Zena x Eryri Roi 2005.

Teg x Keano 2006.

Cass x Astra Mick 2006.

Teg x Zac/Astra Fox 2006 (a not planned mating)

Astra Zena x Astra Fox 2007.

Astra Bute x Mirk 2007 (external litter)

Astra Rikky x Zac 2007.

Astra Evy x Shep 2007 (external litter)

Cass x Astra Fox 2007.

Astra Zena x Zac 2008.

Teg x Zac 2008.

Astra Rikky x Shep 2008.

Astra Bute x Astra Mick 2008 (external litter)

Cass x Shep 2008.

Astra Zena x Astra Fox 2009.

Zussi x Sky 2009.

Titti x Xo 2009 (Shetland sheepdog)

Astra Babe x Rick 2009.

Zussi x Rick 2009.

Astra Rikky x Sky 2010.


A-litter: Teg x Sky 2010.

B-litter: Astra Babe x Zac 2010.

C-litter: Teg x Sky 2011.

D-litter: Astra Rikky x Canen Kane 2011.

E-litter: Canen Style x Zac 2011.

F-litter: Astra Fly x Sky 2011.

G-litter: Liz x Chocco 2012.

H-litter: Astra Babe x Int.Supr.Ch. Dewi Tweed 2012.

I-litter: Astra Babe x Tag 2012.

J-litter: Astra Rikky x Canen Kane 2013.

K-litter: Liz x Canen Kane 2013

L-litter: Astra Babe x Canen Kane 2013

M-litter: Zussi x Sky 2014

N-litter: Liz x Canen Kane 2015 (external litter) 2014

O-litter: Gift x Chocco 2015

P-litter: Astra Babe x Bwlch Taff 2015

Q-litter: Dreamwork Sammie x Canen Kane 2016

R-litter: My Trusted Friend Chi x Bwlch Taff 2016

S-litter (Seterbakkens Vici x Cap/Ziggy) 2016

T-litter (Gift x Blue Sky) 2017

U-litter (Dreamwork Sammie x Blue Sky) 2017

V-litter (Yola Gulden Land x Trust The Friend of Norway) 2017

Winnie (MYF Never Catch Me x Blue Sky) 2017

X-litter (Seterbakkens Vici x Trust The Friend of Norway) 2018

Y-litter (Gift x MTF Never Leave Me) 2018

Z-litter (Yola Gulden Land x Canen Kane) 2018

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