Blue Sky

Kennel Club (FCI) reg. 15446/07

ISDS reg. 293305

Sky Trusted Friend Sky

Date of birth: 18. February 2007 – 4. September 2019

Hipscore: B

DNA Normal for CEA, TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1.

Eyetest: Clear by examonation 19.04.2007. Posible cataract on his right eye at an age of 7 years (Examination 06.01.2014). Cataract was finally stated on his right eye at an age of 8 years (11.03.2015). There are no reports about cataract on his offspring so far, and some of his offspring has already reached an age of 9 years. Therefore I so far look at this as a type of Senil cataract (the type of cataract that many old dogs get).

Pedigree: Sky_293305

Colour: Slate merle (carry the red gene)

Herding trail class 1 (Godkjent gjeterhund prøve)

Sky is a son of my Astra Zena and my Astra Fox (Astra Fox has lived his old days in Czech Republic by Gulden Land kennel). Sky is a once in a lifetime dog. He has all the qualities to ask for. He is mentally stable, I would almost say bombprofe, he has high speed for agility, and great herding skills.

His offspring has developed in all spheres, and some of them are at highest level in agility as well as obedience, and do very well in herding.

Picture of his pedigree (in case you can not open the pedigree link above):

Pedigree Sky
Sky the man Sky
Sky ii stil 2 Sky
Sky ii stil 3 Sky
Sky juli 2013 Sky


Here you can se some herding films from Sky.

Sky haveing fun in agility in his older days: 

Sky his parents were born in Great Britain. FCI require export pedigree from The Kennel Club while a dog is exported to another country. This is the export pedigree for Astra Zena and Astra Fox.

Export pedigree Zena Export pedigree Astra Zena

Fox export pedigree UK Export pedigree Astra Fox

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