Trust – in hostfamily


Trust The Friend of Norway

Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI): KCAS01190103

ISDS registrated

 Date of birth: 17th April 2015

Hipscore: A

Elbows 0/0

DNA normal for CEA.

DNA normal for TNS, CL, MH.

DNA carrier for IGS.

DNA: MDR1 ++

Eyetest: Clear by examination (14.06.2017).

Colour: Red merle.

Here you can se his pedigree: 

Trust was born in England, and his breeder is C.M. Moody and David Moody. He comes from a small breeding where the breeder also has/had his parents and grandparents. By the time I collected Trust I also met his parents. Here you can se a few clip of Snowy (his father), Meg (his mother) and Trust as a puppy (I think Trust was 15 weeks at this clip). This was Trust his last hour in England, after this Trust moved to Norway, and live in a hostfamily together with Nina Andersen and their other border collie Spot.

Trust agility 1




Trust is not trained for sheepwork on regular basis, but he has been started on sheep and he did all the basic things very easy/nimbly. He for sure has nice herding instincts, and time will se how much training we have time to do.

Here is first steps in herding:


Here I have put together a galery with pictures of Trust: 

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