Seterbakkens Vici

ISDS reg. NO/327262

Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI reg.) NO39834/13


Setterbakkens Vici

Date of birth: 4. May 2013.

Hipscore: A

Elbows 0/0

DNA Normal for CEA, TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1.

Eyetest: Clear by examination 21. March 2016.

Pedigree: Vici 327262

Colour: Black sable (she carry the brown and the delute gene)

Herding trail class 1 – Vici has started on a few herding trails class 1, but she still needs some more
training, the best we managed was 58 points in class 1. (Resultat gjeterhundprøve 58 poeng)

Vici is a daughter of my male Zac out of the bitch named Canen Curly whom we imported from Wales. Vici is a very loving girl, she is social and outgoing towards all people and other dogs. She is well bred from true herding lines. Vici will do herding and agility in the future. She has been training some agility now, and for this she has good potential. She is fast, willing to please, and easy to reward with both toys and treats.

Picture of her pedigree (in case you can not open the pedigree link above):

Pedigree Vici


Vici i fin stil

Seterbakkens Vici






Vici together with her mother Curly


Her uncel Canen Kane to the left, and Seterbakkens Vici to the left

Kane and Vici




Vici just started her hedring training, she had hard work with mother and lambs.

Vici 9 maaneder 2014

Vici 9 months


Vici 5 moth 1

Vici 5 months

Vici 5 moth 2

Vici 5 months



Vici 10 weeks

Vici, her mother (Canen Curly) and her grandparent at her fathers side (Astra Mick and Bwlch Jan) were born in Great Britain, and they come from true (ISDS) herding lines, which means that FCI (the kennel clubs) require Export pedigree from The Kennel Club. This is the Export pedigree for her mother Canen Curly and for her fathers parents Astra Mick and Bwlch Jan.

Export Pedigree Canen Curly (1024x724)

Export pedigree Canen Curly

Export pedigree Bwlch Jan

Export pedigree Bwlch Jan

Export pedigree Astra Mick (1024x739)

Export pedigree Astra Mick

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