Yola Gulden Land

ISDS reg. CZ/333958

Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI reg.) CMKUREGBOC 7748/14

Czech Republic Kennel Club (FCI reg.) BOC 7748/14


Yola Gulden Land

Date of birth: 4. August 2014

Hipscore: B

Elbows 0/0

DNA Normal for CEA, TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1

Eyetest: Clear by examination 18th December 2015.

Pedigree: Yola 333958

Colour: Black and white (she carry the brown gene)

Yola came to Norway from Czech Repuclic in December 2014. She was 4 moths old when she came to Norway. Yola is well bred from true herding lines, and goes back to many top herding-trail dogs in her pedigree. Yola do agility and herding. She is fast and agilie, and loves to work with me.

Picture of her pedigree (in case you can not open the pedigree link above):



This is Yola working on her basic skills.

This is Yola working on her outrun.

This is Yola, a litle training in a pen.

This is Yola one year old, just started to work sheep.

Yola 7 months old, she is very keen on sheep.

Puppy Yola, a moth after she arrived to Norway.


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