Canen Kane

ISDS reg. 00/301191

Kennel Club (FCI) reg. ISDS00/301191

Canen Kane
Canan Kane

24.04.2009 – 13.10.2021

Hipscore: B

DNA Normal for CEA, TNS, CL, IGS and MDR1.

Eyetest: Clear by examination 16.09.2011 (WDR left eye stated later in his life).

Pedigree: Canen_Kane_301191

Colour: Brown sable (he carry the delute gene)

Herding trail class 1 (Godkjent gjeterhundprøve)

Kane was born in Wales at the well known Canen kennel. He is from true herding lines. Tom-Erik is training and handling him in agility and for sheep work.

Picture of his pedigree (in case you can not open the pedigree link above):

Here you can se a film of Kane working sheep and do some agility.

Canen Kane flott bilde
Her uncel Canen Kane to the left, and Seterbakkens Vici to the left

Kane was born in Wales. While a dog is exported from Great Britain to another country FCI require that the dog has an Export Pedigree from The British Kennel Club. This is Kanes export pedigree.

Export pedigree Kane picture
Export pedigree British Kennel Club
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