Sammie and Winnie puppies born

We do have 2 litter of border collie puppies this summer.

My Trusted Friend Crazy Tom x Dreamwork Sammie. Born 9th July.

Trust the Friend of Norway x My Trusted Friend Winnie. Born 13th July

Puppies were born 8. November

The puppies out of Yola sired by Grim was born the 8th of November 2020. 1 black/white female, 2 red merle boys.

Upcoming litter

We have an upcoming litter. Yola is mated to Grim.

Puppies born Coffee x Sammie

Our puppies out of Dreamwork Sammie sired by My Trusted Friend Loves Coffee. They were born Friday the 17th April 2020.

1 boy and 5 girls.

Upcoming litter

Sammie (Dreamwork Sammie) was mated to Coffee (My Trusted Friend Love Coffee) the 12th February 2020.

Sammie was mated to Coffee, termin will be in the midle of April.

Puppies Catch x Twister

Here are some new photos of the puppies. They are 2,5 weeks now. They are strong and develope nicely. 10 puppies (4 boys and 6 girls).

Puppies born

The puppies out of Catch sired by Twister were born the 17th August 2019.

10 puppies (6 girls and 4 boys).

Here are a sigle photo of them.

Puppy update

All the puppies from our 2 latest litters are sold. The yougest are leaving in these days.

Here are some random photos.

Pin x Sam puppies born

Our puppies out of Pin sired by Sam was born few days ago.

6 male puppies.

There is 2 puppies available, but I do not know which on yet.

Gift x Kili puppies

Here are some photos of Gift her puppies, they are 3 weeks old now.

There is 1 female pup available, I do not know which pup yet.