Puppy update

All the puppies from our 2 latest litters are sold. The yougest are leaving in these days.

Here are some random photos.


Pin x Sam puppies born

Our puppies out of Pin sired by Sam was born few days ago.

6 male puppies.

There is 2 puppies available, but I do not know which on yet.

Gift x Kili puppies

Here are some photos of Gift her puppies, they are 3 weeks old now.

There is 1 female pup available, I do not know which pup yet.

Puppies born from Gift x Kili

Finally our puppies are here. Gift gave birth to 7 puppies (2 boys and 5 girls). Seems like all pups are lively and healthy.

Photos Sammie pups

Here are some new photos of the puppies from Sammie.

They are 5 weeks now. All pups are sold.

Sammie puppies

Our puppies are doing fine. They are 3 weeks old on this photo.

6 puppies born

How can I forget to update that our puppies are bor .. it must be because of a bussy Christmas.

Sammie had 6 puppies, 3 girls and 3 boys. Today they are 9 days old. Seems that Trust is the father to most of them (the two tricolors will be gene tested for fatherhood).

Seems that all pups are spoken for.

Merry Christmas 🎄🐑🎄

There are no puppies yet

Sammie is expecting her third litter, but so far no puppies are born. Seems like we must wait till the weeken before somthing happen. So far she got good apetite and normal temp.

Latest news

The latest news in our kennel is that Sammie was unfortunately mated to our Kane (this combination has been done before, so in many ways there is nothing wrong about this combination), but this was not the plan for her this time.

The not planned mating happend quite early in her heat, so there is a chance that she did not get pregnant to Kane (Canen Kane).

Our other studdog Trust (Trust the Friend of Norway) was planned for a litter to Sammie in the future, so therefor we did a mating to Trust as well.

This means that there is 2 posible parents to this litter ❗️both Kane and Trust ❗️All offspring will be gene tested so that we can verify the fatherhood. All the puppies will be registrated in the Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI).


We have a visitor in our kennel, her name is Bårvas Mist. She is a female that I bought last year. I put her in a hostfamily, but now she is back here with us again. She is a very nice bitch, outgoing and soscial. She is an offspring from My Trusted Friend Iris x Bwlch Taff. She is 1,5 years young.

This female might be for sale soon 😊

Yola x Kane pups 4 weeks

Our puppies out of “Yola Gulden Land” sired by “Canen Kane” are 4 weeks young.

The boys

The girls